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SuperThrive for Mamas

SuperThrive for Mamas

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SUPERTHRIVE FOR MAMA’S was created to support all aspects of a new mothers needs. This is the most demanding time of a woman’s life. Your body needs to heal from birth, while producing a good supply of milk, all while you take care of a vulnerable tiny human around the clock. This formula helps to support all of Moms needs as well as giving a you a much needed nutrient boost.


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INGREDIENTS: Mesquite*, Rice Protein Powder*, Cacao Powder*, Tulsi*, Baobab Powder*, Moringa Powder*, Ashwaganda*, Schisandra, Astragalus, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, Camu Camu Berry Powder. *ORGANIC

Healing Properties

Tulsi, ashwagandha and moringa are all magnificent for regulating a healthy breastmilk supply. Schizandra, astragalus and lion’s mane are powerful adaptogens for supporting good energy levels, anti-anxiety and peaceful sleep. Sprouted rice protein, baobab, cacao and camu camu support cellular repair and immunity. This formula is honestly Mama’s little helper.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:1 serving is 1 to 4 teaspoons. SuperThrive is great in smoothies, breakfast, green juice, chocolate, breakfast, biscuits or simply as a warm beverage. 

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  • Natural, clean, organic ingredients

  • Created by a qualified nutritionist and herbalist

  • Mindfully and locally sourced

  • No animal derived ingredients, not tested on animals