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Healing Womb-en Bath Tea

Healing Womb-en Bath Tea

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Take care “down there” with a bath filled with organic herbs and flowers traditionally used to soothe the lady-bits after childbirth, and to speed healing. 

Full of herbs that help ease swelling, tears, episiotomy and c-section scars. This magical bath helps relax the nervous system and smells great too!

A healing ritual soak to use postpartum for ALL types of births. 

Makes 6 potent baths.

See our 'Ask the Herbalist' section for alternative uses.

*made in Cape Town 
*no parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or colours
*no animal derived ingredients, not tested on animals. 


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Magnesium sulfate, Kalahari salt, yarrow, shepards purse, witch-hazel, plantain, calendula flowers, lavender flowers.

Healing Properties

Yarrow: A wonderful healing herb that can help with pain and soreness postpartum. Yarrow is a styptic herb, which means it can stop bleeding.

Witch-hazel: Witch Hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory astringent that helps soothe and heal tears.

Calendula flowers: Soothing, amazing wound-healing, stops bleeding and fights infection. 

Lavender flowers: Lavender is a herb known for its relaxing properties and ability to calm the nervous system. Lavender is also antibacterial, anti-fungal, pretty, and it smells nice!

Shepards purse (also known as mothers heart):
an amazing blood coagulant and vasoconstrictor. Helps stop postpartum bleeding after childbirth.

Promotes quick healing and soothes wounds.
Especially good for helping with itching and pain.
Magnesium sulfate: Great source of magnesium that easily absorbable through your biggest organ, which is the skin! Eases stress and relaxes the body.
Relieves swelling, pain and muscle cramps. Helps muscles and nerves function properly. Helps relieves post birth constipation.

Kalahari salt: Clean and completely natural salt from the Kalahari dessert. From an ancient and pristine natural source, unrefined or processed. Antimicrobial properties & helps heal wounds. Helps body absorb magnesium and trace minerals.


Place 1/3 of a cup of the healing salts in the reusable bath tea bag provided.

Let steep in a small amount of boiling water in the bath for at least 10 minutes to let the herbs infuse.

Fill bath water to desired temperature and water level before you hop in.

The shallower the bath, the more potent the brew will be. You can use a special sitz bath for this, or your normal bath.

Relax and let the healing ritual bath do its magic. Safe for baba too!

Ask the Herbalist

Q: I didn't have a natural birth, can I use this?

A: YES!!

Mother Moon Herbals was created wth a strong purpose to oppose the mommy shaming and to be inclusive of each individual choice a Mother has to make.

You can most definitely use the healing bath tea after a c-section (I did!), just make sure to wait for your medical professionals approval of when you can take your first bath post birth.

Q: I don't have a bath but would like to get the healing benefits post birth. Is there another way to use this?

A: The Healing Bath Tea has been created to be a multi use product - as we don't have time for 100's of products as a new mom!

You can make a postpartum peri-spray or padsicles to ease the perineum post birth.

Steep 1/4 c herbs for an hour in a small jar with 500ml boiling water (like making a tea).  Cool and strain. Soak a maternity pad with the herbal liquid and freeze to make a padsicle, or put in a peri bottle to use as a peri wash/spray.

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  • Natural, clean, organic ingredients

  • Created by a qualified nutritionist and herbalist

  • Mindfully and locally sourced

  • No animal derived ingredients, not tested on animals