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Boobie Mug

Boobie Mug

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Commissioned by a local potter and fellow Mother, Aimee Linde from Swoon Ceramics. These Boobie Mugs are perfectly sized for your latte, tea or even healing bone broth.

They are intentionally made handle free so to be a 'hugging' hand cup, and each piece is one of a kind and hand made.

(Also great to hold wildflowers picked on slow walks with toddlers, and dirty paintbrushes being used to create masterpieces)

Due to the handmade nature of our Boobie mug, there will naturally be some variations in shapes - reminding us to embrace our uniqueness. No two items are the same just like no set of boobies are the same. 

Choose between two shades - Sunshine (honey glaze) or Moonshine (transparent glaze).

* Owie disclaimer: this is a handle free mug, please be careful it can get hot! 

Please note that we ship on Mondays and Thursdays

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