🍋 Natural Labour Aid Recipe 🍋

🍋 Natural Labour Aid Recipe 🍋

Why are electrolytes and hydration so vital during labour? Well to put it simply, because they ensure the body stays balanced and functioning optimally - Sounds good right?

Electrolytes help muscles, including the uterus, to work effectively during contractions, and most importantly adequate hydration supports energy levels and prevents fatigue during the life bringing marathon that is birth.

They also help prevent dehydration, which can lead to complications and discomfort during labor. So overall, maintaining ones electrolyte balance and hydration levels contributes to a smoother and more comfortable childbirth experience for the mother.

Unlike sports drinks or jungle juice recipes loaded with artificial flavours and sugars, this labor aid recipe offers 100% natural ingredients that nourish your body without any unnecessary additives.

An easy to make at-home Labour Aid recipe created years ago for my own birth into becoming a Mother. And the best part is? All ingredients can be bought and kept in the pantry, ready for when the contractions start, to combine and make this rehydrating and energising blend to keep you supported through the physiological demands of childbirth. Helping you stay strong and focused as you bring new life into the world.



2 cups coconut water

1 cup filterd water

1 lemon & 1 lime, juiced

1 tsp raw honey

1/4 tsp Himalayan salt

- Combine lemon and lime juice, honey and salt in a small bowl and freeze in an ice cube tray ready for when labour starts

- Pop electrolyte ice-block out and into a large drinking vessel and top with water and coconut water, let the iceblock melt.

- Your labour aid is ready! Remember to grab a straw to make it easy to sip between contractions.

We would love to know what you think if you make this in the comments below!


Coconut Water: Coconut water is like nature's sports drink, packed with electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium. These minerals help replenish what your body loses during labor, keeping you hydrated and balanced.

Himalayan Salt: Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals that support hydration and muscle function. It helps maintain proper fluid balance and can prevent cramping, which is super helpful when you're experiencing contractions.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice not only adds a refreshing zing but also provides vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C also supports your immune system and helps your body absorb iron, which is important during labor.

Raw Honey: Raw honey not only adds a touch of sweetness but also contains natural enzymes and antioxidants. It provides a quick energy boost without causing a spike in blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial during prolonged labor.


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