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A nourished Mother is a nourished home - By Gabriella Stewart

The kitchen is often spoken about as being ‘the heart of the home’. Since becoming a mother, I would beg to differ. How could anything compare to the maternal energy, presence and touch of a mother in her home? She is the heartbeat and the lifeblood of that sacred family space. Through her spirit, expression, actions and disposition...all else is affected.

This influence a mother has in her home and on its members is proportional to her own state of health and wellbeing. A mother who is nourished in her mind, body and spirit is soft, yet grounded, able to connect and hold space with patience and grace. She is willing and able to nourish and nurture. In a state of abundance and overflowing with a desire to give of herself to her loved ones, she carves an energy and a feeling in the home that radiates of cocooned love, support, care and nourishment. Nourished souls, nourished bellies, nourished relationships. She is setting the tone, above all. The home atmosphere and dynamic is ultimately a reflection of her state, and her state is a reflection of her own wellbeing.

A mother, of all people, cannot pour from an empty cup. Prioritising her own needs is not selfish, it is necessary in the selfless pursuit of being the emotional and physical touchstone for her family, especially her children. In tending to herself, she is laying the foundation to be able to serve others in her best capacity and set a warm and loving tone in her home.

What does it mean to be a nourished woman and a nourished keeper of a home and little hearts? Foremost, it is to recognise and honour the value of your body, your presence, your actions and your words to the point of prioritising yourself in the knowledge that it translates to a prioritisation of others.

Self-care in motherhood is rooted in love, connection, micro moments for self and perhaps most critically, nutrition. Nutritive nourishment from food and herbs is the fuel for your body to run in a state of abundance, signally safety and supporting your nervous system. Without enough bio-available fuel from nutritive, building foods, you run into a deficit of energy and dip into nutrient reserves, depleting your state of wellness, thus your ability to show up for yourself and your loved ones with an overflowing cup of energy, a positive disposition, joy and an abundance in heart and mind. This all translates to those around you and radiates through your home.

If your priority is the nourishment and wellbeing of your family, let go of the scarcity and unworthiness mindset around your time, energy and capacity and prioritise yourself, your needs and desires to the benefit of those around you. Take those moments for yourself...a herbal infused bath by candlelight, a solo walk on the beach or a hike through nature, an early night or a sleep-in, a lunch with a friend...These moments are possible with openness and honesty with our support system. Through this endeavour to nourish-self, your renewed spirit will envelop the sacred home space with a radiant tone of love, abundance, gratitude and joy. What more could a mother want for her family?


Gabriella x 

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