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Mamas Miracle Collagen

Mamas Miracle Collagen

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Support your Postpartum recovery with Mother Moon's Pure Hydrolysed Collagen.

Rich in 8 essential amino acids that helps support tissue repair and provides essential protein and amino acids for overall restorative healing after childbirth. Helps maintain skin elasticity, strengthens hair and nails and promotes digestive health repair.

This neutral-tasting powder is made with Peptan® Bovine Type I & III Collagen Peptides.

Mother Moons commitment to quality ensures that we only source non-GMO pasture-raised beef.

Completely soluble in cold water, heat resistant, and free from any fillers, additives or preservatives - It's your magic pregnancy and post-birth recovery supplement!


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Pure Bovine* Collagen Peptides.
*Pasture raised, non-GMO, grass fed.

Healing Properties

  • Supports tissue repair essential during postpartum recovery
  • Provides additional protein and amino acids needed during pregnancy and lactation
  • Helps in maintaining skin elasticity, which may be affected during pregnancy
  • Aids in strengthening hair and nails, which may experience changes due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy
  • Supports digestive health, which can be particularly important during pregnancy when digestion may be affected


Mix 2 tbsp into hot or cold
drinks, smoothies or soups.

For optimal use,
take 1-2 servings daily.

We recommend adding
collagen to our Let It Flow Latte to
supercharge its healing powers!

Ask the Herbalist

Q: Is this Kosher?

A: Yes, our collagen is certified kosher and halal!

Q: Is it suitable for Vegans?

A: Collagen comes from animal sources so it is unfortunately not suitable for most vegans or vegetarians.

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  • Natural, clean, organic ingredients

  • Created by a qualified nutritionist and herbalist

  • Mindfully and locally sourced

  • No animal derived ingredients, not tested on animals